Radon Monitoring

At home we have two Safety Siren Pro 3 electronic radon monitors. We are not in an area that typically has any problem with radon but we own the monitors from our previous house in Boulder, Colorado where the Rocky Mountains do indeed leak a lot of radon into the houses. I have a separate web page describing radon monitoring in that Colorado house which should in theory be considerably more interesting than the data here.

The plot shows the logged measurements from one Safety Siren Pro 3 in my home office. It produces two output values; a short term average of the past week and a long term average since the last reset. The purple vertical line marks the date we moved to California. Data to the left of that line are from the Colarado house.

Though the absolute calibration of the Safety Siren Pro 3 cannot be guaranteed, I do believe it is reliable to reveal trends and alert us if there is a significant change. The manufacturer claims ±10% accuracy, but also recommends annual factory recalibration which we have not done.

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2018-02-16 3:52 PM