Item Notes and Accessories
SLR Camera Must have a B shutter setting
For photographic versatility, a wide variety of lenses
   and extension tubes is optimal
A cable release with locking mechanism
Flash Gun Must have an automatic setting (thyristor)
   the manual mode has a long flash pulse and is unsuitable
Ideally, the miniumum flash duration should be 1/30000s or less
PCB + Soldering Iron or Breadboard
simple components - Relays, SCRs, resistors, transistor, etc
Insulated and shielded wire
Power Supply - transformer/batteries/old PC power supply
Need a real-time operating system - DOS
   is probably the best option
A compiler for your preferred coding language
Parallel port and extension cable

Specifics of the gear we used

  • Cameras all Minolta (SRT 101, XD-7, X-500, X-700)
  • Negative scanning with a Nikon Coolscan IV ED
  • Image processing was done using Picture Window Pro. Highly recomended. Since I discovered this software, I have uninstalled my copy of Adobe Photoshop.